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  • Mova Globe Satellite View with Clouds 4.5″ | Captivating Rotating Globe

    Original price was: £199.99.Current price is: £185.00.

     Mova Globe Satellite View Earth with Clouds 4.5-Inch - Explore Our Planet's Splendor

    Add a touch of global inspiration to your space with the Mova Globe Satellite View Earth with Clouds 4.5-Inch. Enhance the ambiance of any room with its captivating rotation and lifelike imagery. Are you a geography enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of our planet? this globe serves as a constant reminder of Earth's splendor and interconnectedness. MOVA Globes are designed to rotate silently on their own, using the power of light and Earths' magnetic field. -Turns using ambient light -Hidden magnets provide movement -No cords or batteries