Crystocraft 25th Anniversary Gifts with Austrian Crystal

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Crystocraft 25th Anniversary Gift with Austrian Crystal

A beautiful, freestanding chrome plated Crystocraft 25th anniversary gift ornament. The mobile has decorative love hearts suspended from a cut out circle frame, embellished with large, world renowned Austrian crystals. Complete with a ‘25th Anniversary‘ title banner, this is the perfect gift to commemorate your silver year.

High quality, branded gift packaging completes this wonderful Crystocraft ornament.

Crystocraft embellished with 100% Austrian crystals.


More about Crystocraft 25th Anniversary Ornament

Decorated with eye-catching crystal elements alongside stunning chrome or silverplated finishes, Crystocraft sets the trend for home decor and giftware with its exceptional style and beauty. Time, care and expert technique come together to create this elegant product, embellished by world renowned Austrian crystals, making it one of the most sought after ranges of giftware on the market.


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