Flip Click Clock Gingko



Flip Click Clock – Gingko


The British designed Flip Click Clock – Ginkgo is crafted in natural wood material (Ash, Walnut and White Birch ), with laser engraved touch control top and new flip alarm technology. It’s fashioned to enhance your whole experience of day to day alarm clock use and is a smart and playful addition to any home or office.

The technologies built into the Flip Click Clock by Ginkgo changes your normal way of using an alarm clock. When the Gingko Logo shows on top it means the alarm is off; and when the laser engraved alarm icon shows on top it means the alarm is turned on.The Flip Click Clock only tells you the time (12hr or 24hr format) and has a very easy alarm set-up. To set the time and alarm, simply touch the fine laser engraved buttons. When alarm goes off, gently ‘stroke’ any of these engraved buttons on the top to snooze and to turn off the alarm you flip it over, and the numbers will be magically corrected to a normal display as well, keeping the same time and moving as accurate as before.

With a sound activated clock system, the clock can be programmed to look like a block of wood when it’s quiet, but still keeps perfect time. It lights up again when you give a gentle touch, or a cheerful clap, or a magical click of your fingers.




Digital alarm / mantel clock

Natural walnut wood

Sound activated LED display

Click your fingers, clap your hands or give a gentle tap and clock reveals time

Laser engraved touch control top

Flip alarm technology

When Gingko logo shows, alarm is off, when alarm symbol shows, alarm is on

To set time and alarm, simply touch laser engraved buttons

Stroke any of the buttons to snooze

To turn off alarm, flip it over and numbers return to normal

Rechargeable lithium battery via USB cable

USB cable included

  • Dimensions: L12cm x H7.5cm x D4 cm