Floating Smart Moon Lamp

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Floating Smart Moon Lamp


This gravity-defying moon lamp seems to magically ‘float’ above a walnut or white ash wood base and slowly rotates just like the real elliptical orbiting moon.



Floating Smart Moon Lamp


Light up your world with this extraordinary British designed floating Smart Moon Lamp.

This striking moon light isn’t an optical illusion, the moon itself really does defy gravity, levitating and rotating with the clever use of magnets! An eye catching lamp for table and desk tops, this elegant moon lamp by Gingko appears to float magically above it’s natural wood base, slowly rotating in captivating motion that really is impressive. As much of a puzzle as an object of beauty, floating lamps are notoriously tricky to balance for the newbie owner, but once the knack is mastered, you can impress your family and friends with your seemingly magical powers, if patience, concentration and willpower aren’t your strong points, this lamp isn’t for you!

The moon itself has a textured surface complete with craters, and lit with LEDs, you can choose from a softer, warm white light, or a bright white function simply by pressing the touch sensitive pad on the base. Suspended by a strong built in magnet, switch on and hold the moon above the base until you feel the magnet take over, and this fascinating lamp will hover in place, shining with ethereal light.

Floating Smart Moon Lamp Warning


Please be aware that this moon lamp uses a strong magnet to levitate, please take care when placing this lamp and do not allow children to play with it.

Keep away from people with pacemaker!


Please read enclosed instruction manual for set up.


Technical Specs:

  1. 1. Product Material: Walnut /White Ash wood base with PLA 3D printed moon.

2. Size of wood base: 12cm x 12cm x 3cm.

3. Moon Diameter size: 14cm

4. Moon light colour temperature: 2700k-5000k (depending on which light mode)

5. 3 light mode: Warm White (3500k), White (5000k) and Warm Yellow (2700k)

6. Product weight: 800g

7. Power input: 12V- 1A AD adapter (included).

  1. 8. Packed in a premium gift box.


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