A retro-style mechanical airship model powered by wind-up spring, showing all the detailed structures and gears inside. Tons of fun to construct your own aircraft and watch it rushing out with its spinning propellers!

Begin your sky voyage now!


Engineering Marvel LK702 is partly based on the real-life airships and shows every detail of a beautifully designed airship models. You can see through the wooden skeleton and watch how the mechanism inside works. Rewarding Challenge 4~5 hours’ highly satisfying building experience, this building kit will put your visual-spatial skill and patience to the test. But you will find yourself absorbing in the construction and get inspired on STEM and imagination. Ideal room decor gift for all. Whenever it’s birthday, anniversary or holiday, or even a daily quality time, this is a perfect choice to spend your time. Its exquisite design also makes a refreshing decor to your home or office. Non battery & glue lightweight models made of natural plywood. Pre-laser-cut wood sheets with well-fit parts. No battery & glue needed, easy to assemble together. Clear illustration provides you a better building experience.