ROKR erpetual Calendar LK201


A self-assembled wooden calendar puzzle with precise date indication ranging from 2018 to 2040. One-star-level difficulty, ideal gift and hobby for any beginners new to building mechanical sets.

Find Your Own Time Zone.

Decorative Agenda LK201 has elegant design with practical function. Adjust the disk and set your own time zone, including year, month, day and week. Always a delight to eyes, perfect room decor for your home or office.

Easy to Assemble Only 1-star level difficulty with 52 pre-cut wood pieces. 1~2 hours of relaxing building fun will release your pressure and inspire more creativity. Perfect for beginners as a building toy 101.

STEM Principles Satisfying and educational building experience. Learn more about STEM concepts while building up the mechanical structures step by step. Welcome to the fantastic mechanical world!

Ideal hobby gift for all. Whenever it’s birthday, anniversary or holiday, or even to spend a quality time with family, this is a perfect choice to express your love.

KIT – Accessories, Metal, Plastic, Wood
ASSEMBLED SIZE – 175*90*170mm
WOOD PIECES – 26 pcs