Gear Drives You Back.

Started by spring-driven engine, Locomotive LK701 is designed with gear drive mechanism and will whoosh its way out after wound up. Precise laser-cutting parts are fitted well. Take your time, gear by gear, you will see how a quaint vehicle come into being through your own hands.

– a spring-driven engine with precise gear drive
– a steam whistle that spins with motion
– old school outlook reminiscent of great industrial age
– best choice for new hands of modeling and mechanical lovers


Keep Safe Hidden Treasure!

【Delicate Storage Container】Add more elegant touch with the beautifully carved Treasure Box LK502. Not only assembly but also the unlocking process brings a lot of fun. After input the code, you use a key to open it.Then you can keep your private items or jewelry in it safe and sound. 【Customized Pass Code】Set a three-digit number as your pass code. There are 810 sets of codes to choose from (listed in the manual). You need to rotate the knob according to the instruction carefully, because it cannot be changed once set. 【Non-Glue& Natural】The kit consists of 123 pieces and will spark 3~4 hours building fun for you. You can assemble them together completely by pins and tails without glue.High-tech laser-cutting makes precise and smooth edge, so parts are fit well and easy to assemble. They are made of natural plywood without any added toxins, both safe and eco-friendly. 【Perfect Gift& Hobby】Gift for all, recommended for 14+. Whenever it’s birthday, anniversary or holiday, or even a daily quality time, it is a perfect choice. You’ll be rewarded with great sense of fulfillment after the challenging assembly.